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"God help us"
(a former NCAL executive)

As I write, I am 2 days back from the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration (SBAIC/17) which was a dowah event. It was the fanciest guitar show I've yet attended, and in one of my favorite towns. I'll probably get a chance to tell you more about it at the meeting next week, so that's one more reason to attend.
Bruce Sexauer 8/29/17

NCAL's meetings are open to anyone who thinks they are interested in making musical instruments. You need not actually have built an instrument, and certainly do not need to be a professional. We do welcome professionals, however, as the lutherie community represents both an opportunity to share and to learn, allowing us all to stay at the head of our craft.

NCAL usually meets on the first Sunday of the odd numbered months (January/March/etc.) and most often  this meeting is hosted by a member or "interested party" with a shop or related space big enough to hold 50 or so people.  It is the writers intention to list the time and place of the next meeting on this page as soon as the facts have revealed themselves.


September 10, 2017

2pm - 5pm
LMII will host.  Chairs will be provided as well as a 10% discount on their extensive inventory of lutherie supplies, only at the time of the meeting. Bring snacks for the group if you are feeling responsible.  The host will discuss and demonstrate some of their newer tooling systems. Come an hour early for schmooze. Meeting starts on time at 2pm after which you may be asked to behave.

Luthier's Mercantile International, inc.
7975 Cameron Dr., Bldg. 1600,
Windsor, CA 95492

Phone 1-800-477-4437 if you're lost, which would be embarrassing as you've surely been there before if you're into lutherie . . .

Who thinks this far ahead? I'm thinking SF guitarworks. . . .